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I (Malcolm Gin) am a Gen X, multiracial, non-Black Person of Color, I've got some health issues/disabilities, I'm a feminist, and I'm intersex, nonbinary, and trans. I've done advocacy and activism work both inside of my own community and consulting to outside folks and organizations (usually outward to more privileged folks - I try to stay in my lane and not punch down).

In talking about this kind of thing (expensive medical care that I'm fortunate enough to have medical insurance coverage for in the US), I'm going to occasionally talk about access and equity, and about how medical institutions treat different patients and different caregivers differently, often along lines of economic, social, and cultural privilege. The activism is not my main point here, but I do want to talk about areas of inequity, of privilege, and institutional/cultural bias, and access and opportunity where it's appropriate.

I don't know if I'll get help talking about or linking to resources that could help folks who do not have the privilege and access I do, but I will do my best to provide resources, links, and ideas, and if anyone can help, I would welcome it. I can also, potentially, pay for some help along the way, so we'll see how that goes too, depending on support from patrons, and/or my own savings.