Technical Notes and Planning

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Here are my tech notes, which I'll update with new information as I have updates.

But here's what I have.


Provide captioned TikTok and (Wiki)-hosted additional content around a structured and growing understanding of ALL and chemotherapy as it’s happening to Malcolm, as e negotiates the technical, medical, social, political, equity, opportunity, access, and other factors of the world of ALL and chemotherapy in an attempt to survive the disease and the therapy, and to live another day.

One driving goal is that the content be educational and useful, and another is that it should be accessible.

TikTok’s accessibility currently boils down to providing readable captions as overlays on top of and integrated to videos.

We will use the same company’s “CapCut” app in the early stages to provide machine-driven, human refined captions on simple TikTok videos recorded at medium to high quality on medium to low cost equipment (small tripod, iPhone 12 Pro) to convey simple concepts and editorial comments on related topics.

Organizationally and archivally, we will organize the videos and their links and any supportive and possibly even promotional (though this project is conceived as non profit and open access) content on a platform like Patreon, and/or possibly a Wiki or some other open content platform.

If TikTok supports other captioning technologies (e.g. Closed Captioning) we’ll endeavor to keep up, and the content presentation layer of this effort might either provide Captioning files or transcripts (by using the captioning tools).


Use Green Screen filter for more info like @dr_inna? Or link to Wiki and use Wiki articles to provide/promote more support?


Reasonable stability hand-held with digital stabilization, provided by Apple iPhone 12 Pro.

Recorded by standard Apple iPhone 12 Pro video camera, usually, to normal camera roll, and processed by CapCut (Same company as owns TikTok) app. After adding automatic captions, I review them against the video and make any required changes. Then upload to TikTok from CapCut.


The Chemo Project - Support at Patreon
Videos hosted at TikTok
Transcripts and Indices and other supporting materials, citations, and resources on this Wiki

These banner colors from nonbinary pride flag since Malcolm identifies as nonbinary.