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* [[Planned Content Outline|First Draft Content Outline]]
* [[Planned Content Outline|First Draft Content Outline]]
* [[Planned Content Outline|Second Draft Content Outline]]
* [[Planned Content Outline v2|Second Draft Content Outline]]
=== Published Content ===
=== Published Content ===

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Introduction and Information

The Leukemia Wiki is here to support Malcolm Gin's project, The Chemo Project, to vlog eir experiences, facts, opinions, and advice from eir experiences of having leukemia, and having chemotherapy for it, towards, hopefully, a road to recovery and remission.

How to find Information in The Chemo Project

Planned Content

Published Content

Tech Notes and Planning

If you're curious, here are my tech notes.


The Patreon to support this project is here: https://www.patreon.com/malcolmgin?fan_landing=true

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