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2nd visit packing list:

  • Reusable Velcro Zip Ties
    if you have cables to manage, these can really help keep them out of the way.
  • Food and Drink
    • Savory Snacks (nuts, trail mix, cheese-based snacks)
      On my first packing, I brought a lot of sugary snacks. I have type II diabetes and these turned out not to be the most reassusring for me. But savory snacks are less fluctuating of the glucose and tended to be pretty comforting for me, all things considered.
    • Smart water bottle
    • Assorted spices
      We pack some spices I can use to doctor otherwise bland hospital food.
    • Kosher/Sea salt
    • Chia seeds (for regularity)
      Soak 1-2 tsp in water for 1-2 hours. Add to yogurt or cream of wheat or a drink to add texture, & fiber. (1/day)
  • Tech setup
    • Computer
    • Computer Power Adapter
    • Phone
    • Phone Power Adapter(s)
    • Smart water bottle power cable
    • Wireless Mouse
    • Wireless Mouse Charging Cable
    • Short USB-C to USB-A adapter
    • Short 5 ft extension cord with 3 outlets, and 2 standard 5V USB-A ports (for charging)
  • Clothes
    • Street clothes for admission
      Become Discharge clothes for leaving.
    • 4 pyjama pants for 4 - 6 days of stay
    • 2 hats (recently shaved after hair started falling out)
    • Hospital supplies:
      • Disposable underwear
      • Disposable socks
      • Gown (reusable linens)
  • Sundries
    • Shampoo (in case I can get a shower)
    • Body wash (in case I can get a shower)
    • Soft tooth brush
    • Toothpaste
    • Portable Waterpik unit
      Had to get special dispensation for this from the care team. Since toothpicks and waterpicks can cause gum bleeding, they don't want that, but I sort of clinically get food stuck between my teeth which can also cause gum bleeding, so they said yes, provided I try to be careful.
    • Shea Butter Lotion
    • Emery Boards
      These and the lotion are also alternatives to clipper and cutters that might make me bleed (infection risk), so instead of cutting bits off, I must now use the emery boards to grind things down and shea butter lotion and other lotions to soften calluses and other tissues before removal (or to avoid the need to remove entirely).
    • A stuffed toy (for supervision/companionship)
  • CPAP supplies
    • The CPAP itself in its case
    • Extra Mask
    • Actual Soap to clean the hose out every week
      The hospital has everything except actual soap.


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